In which Eman talks about moving to Japan without knowing Japanese, exploring foods of the world--some of which were still moving on her plate, the secrets of siblings, and more!

In which Sherry talks about flying a kite while wearing a rainbow tutu, indulging in delicious cookies from Levain Bakery, the magic of walking a labyrinth, becoming an adult in Atlanta, and the joy of talking to strangers.

In which Brian talks about the magical garden growing on his balcony, walking for hours every day through Washington, DC, the Bangladeshi neighborhood where he learned about his French Huguenot ancestors, the surprising story of Isabella Bruton Askew, and so much more. 

In which Kim talks about what it's like to wonder every day if you'll be forced to leave your job, growing pretty things in the desert, the redeeming power of the New Orleans Saints, who really needs to pay attention to climate change, and the importance of people who have your back. 

In which Josh talks about gateway cats and Nats cats, revolutionary and inspirational architecture, his memorable talent show moment, the wonder of Longwood Gardens,  walking into the Unitarian church the Sunday after Trump's election, and more. 

Here are links to some of the things Josh mentioned during our interview:

Kimbell Art Museum

PPG Place

Louis Kahn

Paul Revere Williams



In which Christin talks about embracing the mystery of identity instead of being reduced to percentages, the questions she would ask Jesus, the mantras of Beautiful Chorus, the evolution from language and women's studies to advocacy to ministry, what it means to be with "the People," the nap ministry, and more. 

Tristan talks about math epiphanies, Billy Joel, Shakespeare and curry, Barack Obama, and more! You can buy Tristan's book here.

Five Questions is back after an unexpected 18-month hiatus! Our first episode of season five features Jenni Hogan discussing cicada sushi, making your own path in life, the fine line between playful dirt and necessary hygiene, and taking a leap of faith. 


In which Callen discusses his appreciation for mysteries that aren't scary; how his mom makes better Halloween costumes than you can buy at the store; the only segment of the PBS News Hour he makes time to watch; his dreams of composing a great song, writing a book, and and painting a famous painting; and SO MUCH MORE. 

Callen also sets me straight about Mary Poppins' true disposition. 

If you'd like to check out some of Callen's favorite book series, visit:

Dav Pilkey (author of Captain Underpants, Dog Man, and more)

A to Z Mysteries

Encyclopedia Brown

In which Franklin talks about how his whole life is the strangest thing he's experienced, coaching a semi-pro ultimate frisbee team, what it's like to write for television in the current exploding TV environment, his love of US women's soccer, what it would be like to witness his parents' decision to immigrate to the US (where he was born) from Korea (where he was conceived), how an unexpected conversation with a religion professor at William and Mary inspired Franklin to pursue his desire to be a filmmaker, and more.

Listen to the song Franklin mentioned-- In the Airplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel.

In which Samara discusses the challenge and triumph of playing saxophone in "Hollywood Milestones," why she likes France and Michelle Obama, and the significance of playing cards with her grandma in Australia until 2am. Check out some of Samara's influences: Gossamer by Lois Lowry, Hamilton, and more.

In which Jennifer introduces me to Dorothy Dunnett, explains how she unintentionally became an expert on drone law, declares her love of red pandas, describes the impact that Stephen Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George had on her life, and much more. 

In which Emille Bryant, who I met unexpectedly in a teachers lounge, talks about the Japanese concept of IKIGAI, what he learned in the Air Force, how he's changed in 20 years, and why he admires Superman and Thor. 

In which six-year-old Zeke discusses the Avengers, his desire to visit India (with a translator), his love of LEGOs, and more. 

This is Zoe. She is 12. Zoe recently learned that she loves riding roller coasters. Now she also loves watching roller coaster videos on YouTube. Zoe has been asking to be featured on this podcast again for months, perhaps even years! I invite you to listen to this podcast to hear Zoe's insights about books, musical theater, martial arts, and more. 

Quinn won the opportunity to be a featured guest on this podcast at an auction to benefit EvolveAll's move to a new studio. While I've known Quinn since he was a toddler, I didn't really much about him as a tween, except for what I've seen when he does martial arts, since he is in class with my daughter. I really enjoyed learning about Quinn's hobbies and interests, and now I know who to call next time I need help around the house or want to go out for sushi!

In which Byron talks about working as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching in Ukraine and Lesotho, being given a bar of soap by David Sedaris in Las Vegas, his dream of living in Africa, our mutual love of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency tv show and the beauty of Botswana, throwing free throws in the Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, making the choice to practice empathy in challenging circumstances, understanding that everything is political, and much more. 

In which Kendra discusses the bizarre yet normal day-to-day life of a zoo veterinarian, the strangeness of living in a city without seasons, the profound experience of singing and silence in remote wilderness, and more. Learn more about the licking okapi, ET the walrus, the elephant, the porcupine (whose quills get everywhere!), and the adorable axolotl. 

In which Ryan talks about the explosive drag scene in Atlanta, his journey from 95-pound teenager to well-built massage therapist (including his experiences with steroids), surviving his traumatic childhood through humor (and therapy), the influence of his 10th grade English teacher who treated him with respect, and much more.

In which Jessica talks about not only renewing her wedding vows after 15 years but also thinking about the impact that she and her family have on the world, what her aspirations were when she was growing up with a disability, what it means to take a stand for human rights, taking pictures and teaching, and so much more. 

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